In-Country Support

In-Country Support plays a vital role in the effective management of international projects. At Austen Maritime Services, we understand the complexities involved in operating in the Asia Pacific region, and we offer comprehensive solutions to support your operations.

 Our dedicated team specialises in handling various aspects of In-Country Support that include:

  • Manpower Solutions
  • Work passes and permit
  • Business and entry visas
  • Payroll & Taxes Management
  • Mobilisation and demobilisation
  • Accommodation arrangements,
  • Local transportation logistics
  • Medical insurance
  • Procurement assistance, and other value-added functions.

With our extensive experience and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure a seamless experience for your employees and contractors. By taking care of their logistical and administrative needs, we enable them to concentrate fully on the technical aspects of their marine projects. Our objective is to alleviate the operational load on your team, providing reliable and efficient In-Country Support that allows for smooth project execution.