Drydocking Services

At Austen Maritime Services, we serve as your essential interface between the shipyard, Superintendents, and the Master of your vessel.

Our role is to ensure seamless communication and coordination between all stakeholders, guaranteeing smooth drydocking projects without delays.

Our services include:

1.    Pre-Arrival Preparations:

Facilitating gas-free inspections, de-slopping, and other necessary pre-arrival preparations on your behalf.

2.    Slop Barge Arrangements:

Coordinating the safe arrival of slop barges to manage waste disposal efficiently.

3.    Port Chemist Inspection:
Arranging and supervising appointments for Port Chemist inspections to meet regulatory requirements.

4.    Tugboat and Pilotage Support:

Supporting the hiring of tugboats and pilotage services to ensure safe and efficient maneuvering of your vessel.

5.    Timely Delivery of Ship Spares:

Coordinating the timely delivery of ship spares, optimizing the availability of critical equipment for your vessel.

6.    Technical Support:

Organizing technical support for ship owners, connecting you with trusted experts to address any technical challenges.

7.    Estimated Port Disbursement Account:

Providing a detailed Estimated Port Disbursement Account to give you transparency and clarity on port-related expenses.