15th Feb 2021

Our client is looking for skilful Operators (four vacancies)

Job Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Ability to safely and efficiently perform crane operations – lift, move and deposit dredged materials, sand, or rocks at specified locations.
  2. Ability to safely and efficiently perform basic crane maintenance such as greasing and general cleaning.
  3. Ability to emphasise safety by prohibiting any load beyond the safe working loads (SWL) in any rigging arrangement.
  4. Perform cleaning and maintenance activities on the crane hoisting mechanism.
  5. Competently and efficiently use lever and pedal controls.

Skills & Experience Required

  • Possession of knowledge and experience in handling cranes (preferred).
  • Posses Health and Safety awareness.
  • Independent and self-motivated.
  • Competent administrative skills

Closing date: 9th Apr 2021

Application Form

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